Taxi driver gets $300,000 bail on detonators charge

A 'PH' driver, who was charged for possession of four detonators, has been granted bail of $300,000 for the Clerk of the Peace approval by a Tunapuna magistrate.

Jervon Gilkes, 27, who is originally from Maloney, on Friday morning appeared before first court magistrate Adrian Dharmanie. 

He was not called upon to plead.

Gilkes was charged by PC Valmiki Lalsingh of the Northern Division Special Investigations Unit.

The court heard that on June 14 Gilkes was arrested at his home at National Avenue in Mount Hope during an intelligence-led operation.

During the search a team of officers found the explosives. The T&T Police Service's Special Branch Bomb Squad Unit was called in to carry out extensive investigations.

Senior police officers said yesterday following the court matter that it was the first time in the country's history that detonators have been found by the police.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a detonator is a small amount of explosive in a bomb that explodes first and causes a larger explosion, or an electrical device that is used from a distance to make a bomb explode.

- Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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