'Teacher' of murdered teens condemns claims that they were criminals

Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 20:00

A woman claiming to be the teacher of the two Success Laventille students who were shot dead execution style on Thursday, is defending the teenagers against comments that they might have been involved in lives of crime.

This follows outrage on social media over some posts that support the killing of the two boys claiming that they were criminals. Others used racist remarks to celebrate their deaths as well.

After CNC3 posted the response of the Minister of Education on its Facebook page, a woman who goes by the name Anita Persuad posted in poor local dialect and spelling and with the use of obscenities:

"4 o clock in the morning and a dancing right now lol lol lol two less crimanal on the street, god a happy KILL THEM M****** F****** OUT"

Soon after, a woman claiming to be the boys' teacher, La-Toya K. Malco posted the following:

"Excuse me! As the teacher of these criminals as you put it I must say speak what you know!!!!! U know not one thing about them except for their race and where they came from! Not everyone and everything out of Laventille is a criminal! That level of ignorance you have displayed cannot be justified."

She followed up with another post stating:

"Only an animal can rejoice in d death of innocent children."

Later on, a man going by the name Adrian Maharaj, whose profile picture shows support for those murdered in the recent ISIS attack in France, posted a racist comment in celebration of the murder of the two teenagers:

"Yes two less n****** in the country who vex loss and ah cyah say suck salt cuz rowely tax that too lol"

Both posts have been condemned widely on social media by people of all races.

ILP councillor, Sunil Ramjitsingh posted:

"Anita Persaud and Adrian Maharaj are not reflective of OUR society. They live in Canada. People, don't take their basket.. and start hating on each other...

"To our African brothers and sisters out there, please do not believe that all East Indians are the same and think alike.. and for that matter do not take comments like these to believe that it is reflective of the East Indians LIVING HERE in Trinbago. There are people out there who are trying to start a race war...... Let's not give them what they want."

17-years-old Denilson "Deeni" Smith of Mulrain Trace, Picton and Mark Richards of Sogren Trace were ordered out of the taxi taking them home, by four gunmen around 3.10 Thursday afternoon, when they were shot dead.

They both died on the scene.

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