Technology: Internet giants tackle fake news sites

Three major internet brands, Google, Facebook and Wikipedia have stepped up and have said they are taking the necessary steps toward stopping fake news sites from using their ad networks. 

Earlier this month it was reported that some Macedonian teenagers had set up “at least 140” US political websites, carrying fabricated pro-Trump content, all to generate traffic and earn money from advertising.

There were even suggestions saying that this could have affected the US elections.

A recent parliament report by the Home Affairs Select Committee in the US said, “Hate speech, terror recruitment videos and sexual images of children all took too long to be removed.”  

The report stated that they said they were going to do more about the fake news sites but were moving shamefully slow on removing them. 

Google spokespersons have come out saying they will do a better job at removing these fake news sites, and try to ensure that they do not use their platforms to advertise. 

Some other fake news sites include, “Ban Islam”, “White Genocide”. 

Several sites even have illegal content like child pornography.