TEMA boss: Obey safety guidelines at tourism facilities

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 11:15

The director of the Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA), Allan Stewart, is reminding citizens to properly monitor weather forecasts before embarking on limes and special gatherings at popular tourism spots.

And Allan Stewart also is urging patrons to observe all the safety guidelines issued at such facilities.

His words come in light of the tragic deaths of two teens at Argyle Waterfall in Tobago over the weekend -- 15 year old Kharisha Thompson and 19 year old Krislon Walters.

The outing to Argyle Waterfall turned tragic, when the waterfall broke its banks on the third level, sweeping away Kharisha Thompson.

Krislon Walters reportedly jumped in the pool to rescue her, but drowned during his attempt.

The TEMA director says whether visitor or facility operator, everyone should pay attention to weather updates from the Met Services.

He also says the safety and security guidelines at such facilities must be respected, observed and obeyed.

“I recall just recently at another waterfall, a gentleman fell,” Mr Stewart says. “At these pleasure seekers / outdoors activities, one always has to exercise caution. Hazards can present themselves in various forms. Therefore, it is important to allow safety to be the most important part of the event itself.”

Allan Stewart says TEMA will be reaching out the families of the deceased at some point today. 

He also told us that all the requisite agencies will be providing the all psycho-social support possible, to those close to the youngsters who died.

“Firstly, the immediate family affected and also those loved ones and friends of the deceased. Also,” he adds, “first responders who may have been exposed to this dramatic and traumatic experience. Certainly it requires that bit of intervention. And the agencies and the professionals are standing by to provide the counselling that is so much needed.”

The TEMA director confirmed that the facilities at Argyle Waterfall remain open for business, and have not been closed down.



Story by NEWS DESK