Threat via telephone delays sailing of T&T Express by four hours

The T&T Express was delayed by four hours this morning, due to a threat made via a telephone call.

The management of the ferry says all 331 passengers were evacuated while checks were made by support services.

The following is a statement by the Trinidad and Tobago Interisland Transportation Company;

"The travelling public is hereby advised that the 6.30am sailing of the T&T Express from Scarborough today (Friday 09 June, 2017) was interrupted due to a telephone message from an anonymous caller advising of a threat to the vessel and its passengers. 

Immediately upon the receipt of this call all support services were contacted and emergency operations were put in place by these first responders. All 331 passengers were evacuated to the muster points for the necessary inspections and searches to be carried out.

Following these activities, the captain also had the technical crew check the vessel’s machinery to ensure that all systems were operational for the sailings. All checks were completed and a determination was made by the support services to commence operations at about 9.00 am.

The T&T Express departed the Port of Scarborough with 331 passengers and 127 vehicles at 10.30 am. The Management of the Port Authority is satisfied that all the necessary inspections were carried out and wish to thank all the support services for their prompt response.

The Authority wishes to advise all passengers on the sailings today that the heightened security mechanisms introduced at this time by the support services will remain in place at the both ports, Scarborough and Port of Spain.

In keeping with its mandate to provide efficient and reliable inter-island transport services, passengers can be assured that at all times the necessary systems and procedures will be effected to ensure that the sailings are not compromised and that our passengers and crew are safe during the voyage.

The Management of the Port Authority apologizes for any inconvenience that may be caused by the interruptions in the service today."

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