Three arrested for gun possession in Diego Martin

Three men are arrested and three firearms and a quantity of ammunition seized, by officers of the Western Division Task Force, during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the Diego Martin district.

During the exercise, which was supervised by Sgt. Ulric Arneaud, and conducted between 5 am and 3 pm, on Tuesday 28th August, 2018, officers proceeded to a bushy area at Richplain, Diego Martin, where they observed three men armed with guns.

Upon seeing the officers, the men attempted to escape, but were subsequently arrested.

An FX-9 machine gun, a 12 gauge pump action shotgun, one Glock pistol, with a selector and magazine, three 12 gauge cartridges and 11 rounds of 9mm ammunition, were discovered in the possession of the suspects and seized.

The men, all of Richplain, Diego Martin, were arrested in connection with the finds. Investigations are ongoing

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