Three more American Airlines flights cancelled today

Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 07:00

Two American Airlines flights out of Trinidad and Tobago this morning and one incoming flight have been cancelled, as a result of the grounding of the American Airline's Max 8 aircraft.

This follows the cancellation of two flights on Wednesday as well.

American Airlines' flight AA 2282 was due to fly out of Piarco bound for Miami at 6.32 am, but that flight was cancelled by the airline.

The airline also cancelled flight AA 10.30 which was due to leave Piarco at 1.32 pm today for Miami.

However, the airline will fly out of Piarco at 3.25 pm with the scheduled flight, AA 2703.

Of the three incoming flights, only one has been cancelled, AA 1030 that was due to leave Miami at 8.55 am and arrive in T&T at 12.33 pm.

However, flight AA 2703 left Miami at 10.35 am and is due to arrive in T&T at 2.14 pm.

The airline will also keep its scheduled flight, AA2713 which leaves Miami at 5.55pm and arrive in T&T at 9.35 pm.

The US Federal Aviation Administration and the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority both announced the suspension of the Boeing Max 8 aircraft on Wednesday.