Three newborns at Mt Hope

Three moth­ers got sur­prise Christ­mas presents at the Er­ic Williams Med­ical Sci­ences Com­plex yes­ter­day when they de­liv­ered their sons days be­fore they were due.

Jenise Guer­ra was the first to give birth at 1.04 am to a 7.1-pound boy. Guer­ra, who lives in Ari­ma, said she was caught off guard by labour pains on Christ­mas eve as she was due to give birth to her fourth child on Sat­ur­day. She has two oth­er sons and one daugh­ter.

Al­though ex­haust­ed, Guer­ra and the oth­er two moth­ers— Lau­ra Plaza and Nan­cy Rag­bir were all smiles when Health Min­is­ter Ter­rance Deyals­ingh vis­it­ed, bring­ing gift bas­kets and best wish­es.

Deyals­ingh, who had vis­it­ed the Port- of- Spain Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal ear­li­er in the day, was on a bit of a cam­paign.

“I have been vis­it­ing new­borns on Christ­mas Day for four years now and I have been beg­ging the moth­ers to name a ba­by af­ter me, Ms Guer­ra has giv­en me hope to­day, she said she will con­sid­er giv­ing her son the mid­dle name Ter­rence,” a beam­ing Deyals­ingh said.

Lau­ra Plaza, who has two oth­er sons, said she was due to give birth on Fri­day. Her son was born at 2.43 am at 6.9 pounds.

“I was a bit sur­prised when my labour start­ed last night, I wasn’t ex­pect­ing him for a few more days at least but I got my Christ­mas present right on time,” she said.

Proud fa­ther, Keron Plaza, said he has al­ready picked out his third son’s name.

“His name is Kiaon, we’re stick­ing with the ‘K’s,” he said.

Nan­cy Rag­bir, of Cunu­pia, was wait­ing for her son’s fa­ther to ar­rive as she said he had not been told that she had giv­en birth and she want­ed to sur­prise him as well.

“I came in close to the morn­ing but we were not ex­pect­ing him to be born to­day,

Her son, who she has named Adam, was born at 7.43am, weigh­ing 6.3 pounds. She has one oth­er child, a 12-year-old boy.

Reporter: Sharlene Rampersad