Three police officers held in connection with $30,000 theft

Officers from the Professional Standard Bureau have arrested a police corporal and two constables in connection with a $30,000 theft.

The three officers from the Major Crime Unit are currently assigned to the Central Police Division's Chaguanas Police Station.

According to information received it is alleged that a man who had the money in his car was on his way to purchase another vehicle when the officers stopped him.

The officers searched the vehicle and found the cash.

It is alleged that they threatened the driver and instructed him to hand over the cash or have a firearm possession charge laid against him.

The man handed over the cash and was allowed to proceed without any charges.

The man then went to the Professional Standard Bureau where he lodged an official report.

The three officers were subsequently arrested on Sunday.

In a separate exercise, a team of PSB officers carried out a search in an office in the Criminal Investigations Department of the said police station where they allegedly found a Glock pistol with selector, a quantity of ammunition, drugs and a large sum of cash in the ceiling.

Another office was also searched and an air pistol was found in the ceiling. 

Arrests are yet to be made.

 - Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant & Shaliza Hassanali

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