TnT Mirror Newspaper closes its doors

It's the end of an era for a big part of Trinidad and Tobago's media landscape, as the weekly Mirror newspaper today produced its final edition.

The newspaper, which started operations in 1982, is closing its doors after 36 years in business.

The newspaper produced two editions weekly.

The paper's final weekend publication came out today.

The T&T Mirror was founded Patrick Chookolingo in 1982. The family said economic conditions forced the closure.

"Today, we say goodbye to TT in this our final issue of the Mirror and express our sincere thanks and deep gratitude to those of you in the national community who identified with the challenging commitment of this newspaper to stimulate your thoughts and inform your opinions purely in the national interest," Errol Pilgrim said in a column called "Goodbye T&T".

Errol Pilgrim, in a Mirror column headlined Goodbye T&T, wrote, 


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