Tobago fisherman missing

The search continues for missing Tobago fisherman Dereck Anthony. 

Guardian media visited the home of 56-year-old Anthony at post office Street, Bucco today and spoke with Ann Holton, the wife of the missing man. 

A distraught Holton was in the company of relatives.  

Holton says Anthony went on a fishing expedition on Sunday with another man in a pirogue.

She says the duo left the port of Scarborough around 9 am and it is believed that Anthony fell overboard around 7 miles off the coast of the sister isle. 

 The worried woman says since then the Coast Guard and local fishermen using 4 boats have been scanning the waters in search of Anthony. 

 She says search parties are even looking as far as Trinidad and are also looking on several beaches and in the mangroves around Tobago. 

Holton says the small vessels had to abandon the search on Christmas day because of rough waters.

But she says the coast guard has been helpful and has been giving the family timely updates.

 Holton says her husband, Anthony has vitiligo and has several white spots on his skin. 

He is about 185 centimetres tall, muscular build and sports a short dreadlock hairstyle.

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