Tobago Hindu society wants Sat to apologise

The Tobago Hindu Society (THS) has called on the Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Sat Maharaj, to apologise to all Tobagonians for his recent statements about the work ethics of  Tobagonians. 

Pulwattie Beepath was at the time speaking with Guardian Media Limited at the Mt Marie Road, Scarborough headquarters of the THS on Wednesday morning.

Beepath said in its infancy the THS had been associated with the SDMS  but both organisations split during the period 2006-2010 following a land dispute.

Beepath said the THS did not want the SDMS to be granted any land from the THA but instead believed that lands should be given to a Tobago based organisation.

She said both the THS and the SDMS settled and went their separate ways with the SDMS selling a plot of land at Carnbee and the THS being granted half an acre of land by the THA to construct a temple.

Beepath said Tobagonians should not be painted with a wide brush as Maharaj did.

She said  "I believe that Sat Maharaj should apologise to the people of Tobago for he made. The East Indians in Tobago are welcomed on this island, we have a very good relationship with the Tobagonians, we have built a strong relationship with the Hindu community, the east Indian community and we believe Sat should apologise." 

Beepath said Tobago's minority East Indian community are not worried about any backlash from Maharaj's statements since everyone on the island resides at a higher level of peace of harmony.

"I have been here on the island for 32 years, my children were born here and they went to school here. We live like a family and whenever we have any programmes here we get all the cooperation for various groups and bodies including the THA," Beepath added. 

Beepath said although Tobago's Hindu community may be struggling for funds to build a temple, they would get it done through the grace of God.

- by Sashtri Boodan. Photo by Vindra Gopaul.


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