TOP COP: “Everything that can be done, will be done, to keep you safe…”

Friday, February 14, 2020 - 10:45

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has made yet another appeal for the justice system to ensure that gun-toting assassins stay behind bars.

Commissioner Griffith says they’ve succeeded in reducing every other serious crime, while homicides remain a sticking point.

The top cop says the courts continue to make it tougher for him and his team of police officers to keep the streets safe for ordinary citizens, by releasing known shooters and gunmen back into society, far too quickly.

“323 persons we arrested and the courts let out on bail,” he notes. “We have about 800 shooters in the country. If you keep the shooters in prison, we could reduce the homicide rate.” 

And Commissioner Griffith has promised the nation that there will be a heavy police presence for the 2020 Carnival Season.

The top cop says every man and woman in the service—including him—will be out and about, doing everything possible to ensure safety and security are paramount during the mega festival.

“Last year, if you recall, it was an incident free carnival. We intend to do the same thing this year and make it even bigger, better, safer,” the Commissioner promises. “In all the different corners, you'll be seeing two police officers. We have an Operational Command Centre. We'll be using drones. We'll have Mobile Command Centres. As I said, every single event will be an operation.”

He added: “I give the assurance to the public—there is no need to be fearful. You just need to be careful.”

Commissioner Griffith says the dedication of his team has ensured that the current crime situation in the country is not worse than it is, at present.

He notes the TTPS' approval rating has gone up from 14 percent in 2019, to 30 per cent this year.