Top national security personnel meet on border security

Minister of National Security Stuart Young today chaired a national security meeting aimed at enhancing the security of Trinidad and Tobago’s borders, 

The ministry said that the discussions included efforts to ensure optimum performance of the current border security mechanisms; the pursuit of best practice benchmarks through the use of modern technology; and increasing border intelligence and information sharing. 

The attendees included the heads of law enforcement, border security officials and intelligence agencies including the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service, the Strategic Services Agency, the Immigration Division and the Customs and Excise Division.

The ministry says that the government, through the Ministry of National Security, remains committed to providing a safe and secure environment to all persons and will continue to provide the necessary support to our National Security Agencies.

It says meetings of this nature will continue, geared towards the sustained protection of our nation’s borders.


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