Traffic interruption near ANR Robinson airport Wednesday during emergency exercise

The Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) is advising that there will be an interruption in vehicular traffic flow on Wednesday along the public roadway giving access to Kilgwyn Bay in Tobago to facilitate easy access by emergency response agencies.

This is as a result of a full-scale emergency exercise to take place at the ANR Robinson International Airport in Crown Point.

A statement by the AATT says the police will be controlling and directing traffic accordingly.

The purpose of the simulation exercise is to test and evaluate the preparedness of the AATT and relevant stakeholders to respond in the event of an incident at the ANR Robinson International Airport.

AATT says this exercise is conducted in compliance with Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation regulations to ensure that the highest level of safety and security measures are in place at the airport.

The travelling public is being asked to communicate with their respective airlines to confirm flight times during this period. 

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