Traffic Warden injured

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 00:00

A female traffic warden is now hospitalised, after being struck by a vehicle while conducting her duties, this morning.
Eyewitnesses say the victim Mandisa Woods was positioned outside the Nicholas Court intersection when the incident occurred.
CNC3 news understands that around 6 30 am, a red s-u-v swerved off the roadway onto the pavement and struck Ms. Woods “head on”.
Eyewitnesses say Ms. Woods was pitched several meters as a result of the collision, she subsequently landed on a glass panel of the Nicholas towers building, the panel was shattered on impact.
But that's not all, eyewitnesses say after hitting the warden, the driver put the vehicle in reverse and hit two other persons before attempting to speed off.
The driver spoke to CNC3 off camera and claimed another vehicle swerved in front her without warning, while attempting to avoid that collision she drove onto the pavement.
We understand the car only stopped after two of its tyres went flat a short distance from the scene of the accident. Police are investigating the incident.