'Trini heroes' respond to bring relief to affected residents

Members of the corporate community and citizens have been rushing to assist those affected by the flooding disasters in their own.

Yesterday KFC packed thousands of boxes of chicken meals to give to those affected in Caroni, St Helena, Piarco and La Horquetta.

The fast food giant has also been giving meals to first responders including fire officers, and police officers.

Contractor Junior Sammy has also been lending a hand as well.

Employees from the company filled sandbags to give to residents in flood-affected communities to help keep the rising waters at bay, so clean up efforts can take place.

Junior Sammy has also mobilized its vehicles filled with food to give hot meals to stranded and distressed residents.

Blue Waters has joined the relief efforts.

The company says it has contributed over 5,000 cases of bottled water to the flood relief efforts through different stakeholders including the Tunapuna Regional Corporation and by delivering to shelters in the affected areas.

Blue Waters adds many of its employees came out in support of the efforts to aid in helping the affected as well as partners such as Andrew Lewis (two-time Olympian) who also aided in getting stranded people to safety.

Meanwhile, individual citizens have also been doing their part, offering to repair affected citizens appliances free of charge.

If you'd like to help those affected, email us at [email protected]


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