Trini ISIS fighter wants Christians dead; says local police were unable to make case against him

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 11:30

A report carried by the Voice of America is quoting a Trinidad and Tobago national who is attached to ISIS, promoting the killing of Christians.

The comments are in a report entitled, "Islamic State Tries to Trigger 'War of Religions' in the West; Pope Francis a Target" written by Jamie Dettmer.

The report has been republished in other journals and online papers.

It says: "Fighter Abu Sa’d al-Trinidadi, a former Christian from Trinidad and Tobago, references recent terror attacks in the West and urges supporters in a Dabiq interview to “follow the example of the lions in France and Belgium, the example of the blessed couple in California, and the examples of the knights in Orlando and Nice.”

He tells IS supporters in the West that they have the “ability to terrify the disbelievers in their own homes and make their streets run with their blood.”

He adds Christians are legitimate targets “due to their mere disbelief,” adding, “for this reason, amongst others, the Islamic State leadership emphasized the importance not to differentiate between disbelieving soldiers and their so-called ‘civilians.’”

The fifteenth edition of ISIS magazine, Dabiq, released Monday, also features an interview with the jihadi using the nom de guerre Abu Sa’d al-Trinidadi.

As his name implies, he left Trinidad and Tobago to join the jihad in Syria and Iraq. The report says that before doing so, he committed numerous acts of jihad in Trinidad and Tobago, but police repeatedly released him during ongoing investigations, allowing him time to leave.

“We would work to accumulate money in order to buy weapons and ammo. Alhamdulillah, we were successful in many operations, and this was only by Allah’s grace,” al-Trinidadi tells the magazine, noting that he worked with a terror cell in the island nation.

“Abu ‘Abdillah [a fellow jihadi], my wife, and I were arrested at one point, but the police weren’t able to make a case against us,” he adds.

According to the magazine, he and his terror cell members were arrested a second time before being released once again, as they had to commit one last unspecified act of violence before leaving for Syria. Police once again detained and released them.

Dabiq claims “a large number of muhajirin from Trinidad and Tobago” are in Iraq and Syria, despite the nation’s overwhelming Christian population.

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On Monday, Turkish newspaper, "Daily Sabah" reported that Turkish authorities had nabbed a Syrian man suspected of trying to smuggle nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens from southern Turkey to the ISIS terrorist organization in Syria.

Attorney General Frais Al-Rawi says he is yet to get official confirmation from Turkish authorities, who, the newspaper said, are currently preparing to deport the men.

National Security officials believe as many as 80 Trinidad and Tobago national who have joined ISIS.

U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) has repeatedly warned that the Caribbean and Latin America are the next frontier for jihadi recruiting.

“There are a fair amount of Muslims in what were the old English colonies down there [in the Caribbean], Jamaica, and Trinidad, Tobago, a few places like that. Overall, not a huge percentage of the population, but significant,” SOUTHCOM chief Gen. John Kelly said in January, announcing that he had evidence of at least one mosque in the region openly associating with ISIS.

American officials estimate at least 150 people have left the region to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq.

Click here for Dabiq's full interview with Abu Sa'd at-Trinidadi