Trini woman murdered in Florida

Three years after she left Trinidad and migrated to Florida, Trinidad-born Jenny Koonoolai-Jagdeo was shot dead along with her friend Michael Tarulli, at an apartment in Miami on Thursday.

The suspect, Thales Ferreira, 27, was Koonoolai-Jagdeo's ex-boyfriend. He is now facing two counts of first-degree murder. Prior to the murder, Koonoolai-Jagdeo, 32, of Deerfield Beach, told neighbours that Ferreira was stalking her. 

In a report by ABC news, Miami-Dade police said they were called to the apartment after being informed that a man’s body was seen near the front door.

The officers later found Koonoolai-Jagdeo bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. At least ten gunshots were fired.

Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. Police said the night before the murder, they responded to a distress call that a person was banging on the front door of the apartment. At the time Koonoolai-

Jagdeo told police that her ex-boyfriend, Ferreira, had been stalking her. Her complaint was documented in an incident report. 

Based on the report from ABC news, surveillance video was obtained which shows a small black SUV arriving in the area shortly before the shooting occurred. The gunman walked toward the victim's apartment and then got back to the SUV shortly after.

A witness later contacted the Broward Sheriff's Office and told detectives that his gun had been stolen and used in a homicide.

It is believed that a 40-calibre Smith & Wesson was used to commit the crime.

Ferreira was arrested on the night of the murder while trying to board a flight to Brazil from Miami International Airport. 

by - RADHICA DE SILVA, [email protected]

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