Trini woman murdered in Florida

Hours after a love message was posted online Trinidadian-born Kiara Alleyne was found murdered in her home in Florida on Wednesday.

Alleyne, 20, was the mother of one, a one year old girl and was originally from Point Fortin.

The suspect, who is a close male relative to her daughter, was found and arrested by the local police at Monroe County, Florida.

On Wednesday the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) received a call for service from a family member concerned for Alleyne’s well‐being. Upon arrival, the MCSO detectives found the victim, Kiara Alleyene dead in her home at 2241 NE 78th Lane in Anthony, according to the MCSO's office.

Detectives received information that the suspect stated he was going to take his life, as well as Alleyene’s. 

When MCSO deputies arrived on the scene they found the victim’s body. The suspect was not on scene and was believed to have left with the victim’s daughter. 

An Amber Alert was issued initially, but was later cancelled when the victim’s daughter was located shortly after with a family member. 

At about 7.13 pm the suspect tagged Alleyne on his Facebook page, location Dubai and wrote: "If I wrote a book about were we stand

Then the title of my book would be "Life With Superwomen." That's how you make me feel.
I count you as a privilege because you love me This love is so ideal with its ups and downs I'm honored to be in it I know you better feel the same I see it everyday in all the things you do In all the things you say, You are my rock, baby you're the truth You are my rock, I love to rock with you You are my rock, you're everything i need You are my rock, so baby rock with me
I wanna kiss you, feel you, love a good life
I wanna touch you, love you, baby all night
Reward our self for all the things we do.
You are my rock, I love to rock with you
I love to rock with you oooooooooooohhhhhh."

Less than six hours after the suspect took to Facebook again and posted: "Now I must end my life just know she tried to kill me she walked into I’m srry to her family."

Having seen this message, according to a family member who spoke to the Guardian Media, said that's when they grew worried and began to panic.

Alleyne's friends and family in Trinidad expressed shock and horror over her death.

One friend said: "This saddens my heart... R.I.P Kiara Alleyne was such a girl with Class and respect and I had admire that so much about you."

Another wrote on her Facebook wall: "Gone to soon sigh it hurts my heart I have talk to you just I pray the family of Kiara Alleyne finds peace and accept my condolences wow a true angel has gone to heaven spread ur wings and sore high baby girl."

- by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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