Trinis are damn good Facebook hackers apparently; and quite rewardingly so

Monday, March 7, 2016 - 20:00

Trinidad and Tobago nationals apparently did a great deal of hacking of the world's biggest social media site, Facebook last year.

And those who did the hacking, were paid well for it too. By whom? By Facebook.


Facebook has listed Trinidad and Tobago as the third country in line after India and Egypt, for the biggest payouts in its "Bug Bounty Programme" over the course of last year.

Simply put, Facebook invites hackers to test its security mechanisms and those who do so successfully are invited to submit a report to Facebook in return for payment.

It's the company's way of ensuring that it seals all cracks in its system and based on the report for 2015, T&T nationals proved quite useful.

The company states:

"We received 13,233 total submissions from 5,543 researchers in 127 countries. We paid $936,000 to 210 researchers, who submitted a total of 526 valid reports.The average payout was $1,780. India, Egypt, and Trinidad and Tobago received the highest number of payouts."

Facebook does not go into any further detail about the extent of participation from this country's hacking geniuses.