Tropical Wave to pass over T&T tomorrow

Even as residents of north and east Trinidad continued to clean up after extensive weekend floods, the T&T Meteorological Office announced that another tropical wave will be passing over T&T on Tuesday.

Forecaster Anton Wiltshire said the axis of the tropical wave will pass over T&T around 8 am.

However, he said the estimated rainfall will be about 15 mm so river levels will not experience significant impact.

"The wave will be coming over the southern island chain. We expect cloudy conditions tomorrow with the possibility of showers and the small chance of the thundershowers. This cloudiness will last until late Wednesday morning until the early afternoon. After Wednesday for the next few days will be hazy and sunny," Wiltshire said.

Asked to give an update on the Sahara dust situation, Wiltshire said the hazy dusty conditions will ease up because of the tropical wave but will return on Wednesday afternoon.

He urged residents to be vigilant and listen to updates from the Met office.

"The axis will pass around 8 am, but the moisture is behind the axis so we will start to see more showers after 8. It will affect the entire island and also in Tobago," Wiltshire added.

 While the rainfall estimation is 15 mm Wiltshire said the possibility exists for isolated amounts of rainfall between 20 to 25mm. Asked whether the rainfall was unusual for this time of year, Wiltshire said no.

"This is the regular weather pattern, wave after wave," he said.

Meanwhile, residents from several parts of Penal, Debe, and Woodland prepared for flooding by filling sandbags and moving furniture and appliances to higher ground.

Jinna Goolcharan said, "The last time floods came it took a week to subside. We are praying that we will be spared." She said some residents had already stocked up on clean drinking water and other essential items.

Source: (Radhica Sookraj)

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