Tropical Wave passes but lingering showers expected

The Met Office says a tropical wave that brought rainfall overnight is now west of T&T.

However, it says lingering convergence behind the axis will continue to aid in the development of showers, but mainly over Trinidad.

It adds that gusty winds are also expected at times and that conditions should settle by mid-afternoon, but brief lingering showers are still expected.

Most of Trinidad and Tobago experienced showery activity overnight due to convergence associated with a tropical wave.

Some areas would have received more rainfall than others and a few areas would have also experienced brief thunderstorm activity.

Winds also became gusty at times due to the presence of a wind surge in the area.

The Met Office also notes that Saharan dust is expected to linger into the area until Saturday.

The next rainfall event is expected during the weekend (16th – 17th June 2018).