Trump's nominee for US Ambassador to T&T faces Senate Committee next week

The man nominated to become the next United States Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Joseph Mondello, will appear before a U.S. Senate hearing on June 13, the Foreign Relations Committee said Wednesday.

Mondello, the former Nassau County Republican chairman, who stepped down on May 24 from the powerful party post that he held for 35 years, will be one of three of President Donald Trump’s nominees to appear before the panel chaired by Senator Marco Rubio.

President Trump first brought up the possibility of an appointment to an ambassadorship for Mondello, a year ago, as Mondello had endorsed Trump's candidacy for president in March 2016, before most politicians in both parties took him seriously.

Mondello, who said he has never visited Trinidad and Tobago, will face questions about U.S. policy and international policy.

Mondello said he had spoken with a former ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago.

Also appearing before the hearing next Wednesday will be Kimberly Breier, a State Department official who would be promoted to assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere Affairs, and Kenneth S. George, a former Texas Republican lawmaker and party official, to be ambassador to Uruguay.


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