TSTT assures no retrenchment with decision for third parties to run retail stores

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 17:15

State-owned TSTT is assuring that not a single worker will be retrenched following a decision to have third parties run its retail stores.

The statement comes after the Communication Workers Union criticized the move saying hundreds of workers will be sent home.

In the statement, TSTT confirms that it will redirect operations from nine retail centers.

He says as part of the process TSTT retail staff will be reassigned to other parts of the company.

It says as a good corporate citizen, it will find more fulfilling, comparable and suitable employment for all employees.

In a two-page response, it explains that more than 70% of transactions at it retail stores are bill related.

It says the move is part of a digital transformation at the company, something it hopes will improve customers experience and streamline costs.