T&T, El Salvador sign MOU on financial intelligence-sharing

The Directors of the Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) of El Salvador and Trinidad and Tobago have executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a framework to facilitate the timely exchange of information and intelligence that is reasonably considered relevant to the investigation of a money laundering or financing of terrorism case.

The MOU was executed at the Caribbean Financial Action Task Fork (CFATF) XLVIII Plenary held during November 19-23, 2018 in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Under the MOU, each FIU can offer, spontaneously or upon request of the other FIU, any information and intelligence at its disposal that may be relevant to such an investigation to the extent permitted by the laws of each country and in accordance with its policies and procedures.

Shared information can only be used for intelligence purposes.

Information sharing amongst CFATF members is critical in the combatting money laundering, associated predicate offences and financing of terrorism which being transnational in nature can have an actual or potential impact across our national borders.

Consequently, the CFATF Secretariat and the Heads of FIUs Forum encourage its members to enter into MOUs to facilitate the sharing of information and furthermore to comply with the FATF Standards.

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