T&T ranked 2nd best air quality in the world after Seychelles

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 - 20:00

Trinidad and Tobago has been ranked as the country with the second best air quality in the world.

The ranking is contained in the Environmental Performance Index 2016, released Wednesday.

This country achieved a score of 97.2% in relation to the quality of air, putting T&T just behind the number one ranked country, Seychelles, which achieved a score of 98.24%.

A total of 180 countries are ranked across the globe, with T&T ranked higher than Maldives (97.1%), Iceland (97.04%), Australia (96.13%), Guyana (95.72%) and New Zealand (95.67%).

Bangladesh (21.86%) has been ranked the country with the worst air quality in the world, below China (23.81%) and India (28.07%).

The Air Quality ranking is just one part of the Environmental Performance Index. 

While T&T ranks 2nd in that category, it ranks 62nd overall where the environment is concerned, with a score of 74.34%.

That represents a 8.51% improvement over the previous year.

The following are all the rankings that make up T&T's overall score, with "Agriculture" being the lowest:

T&T Rankings in 2016 Environmental Performance Index

Health Impacts 23 92.81%
Air Quality 2 97.2%
Water Sanitation 66 86.61%
Water Resources 85 59.48%
Agriculture 164 11.14%
Biodiversity and Habitat 58 88.51%







About the 2016 Environmental Performance Index


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