TTCB says it is tightening disciplinary process

Tuesday, February 6, 2018 - 10:00

The T&T Cricket Board says it is tightening its disciplinary process and "recently started a review of its internal organisational structure and processes."

In a media release issued on Tuesday afternoon, the TTCB said the board management structure is being re-examined as it relates to utilisation of resources, in light of the changing, and at times challenging cricket and economic landscapes.

NGC, the board's main sponsor pulled the plug on its partnership and has left a hole in the finances of the National Sports Organisation.

The release said the committees have been strengthened to "ensure free, fair and expeditious handling of all disciplinary issues coming before the board".

Two such issues are presently occupying the attention of the committees. One relates to an issue of points allocation in a weather-affected match, with implications for promotion in the Championship Division (North/Central Zone) involving a protest by Queen’s Park Cricket Club about a fixture between Monroe Road and Santa Cruz.

The other matter deals with an official report about the conduct and behaviour of TTCB Board Member Dinanath Ramnarine at the Central Zonal Council level.

Here are the committees the TTCB released:

Marketing/Business Development:
Baldath Mahabir (Chairman), Jocelyn Francois-Opadyi (secretary), Sukesh Maniam, Carl Ramdeo, Omar Khan

National Appeals:
Mohammed Hosein (Chairman), Dianne Joshua-Boochoon (secretary), William Jeffries, Dudnath Ramkessoon, Arif Rahman, Karan Nancoo, Andrew Lucky

National Disciplinary:
Shaheed Allaham (chairman), Kishore Ramnarine (secretary), Don Asgarali, Lalman Kowlessar, Samraj Rattan, Ajay Maharaj, Auldric Neptune

National League:
Dudnath Ramkessoon (Chairman), Manohar Ramsaran (vice-chairman), Ryerson Bhagoo (secretary), Clint Pamphille, Parasram Singh, Richard Ramkissoon, Kalaparsad Sanise, Camal Basdeo, Samuel Badree, David Furlonge, Rajindra Poorai, Patrick Rampersad, Omar Khan

National Senior Selectors:
Raphick Jumadeen (Chairman), Anthony Gray, Lincoln Roberts

National Under-19 Selectors:
Lalman Kowlessar (Chairman), Deonarine Deyal, Surujdath Mahabir, Roland Sampath, David Furlonge

National Under-17 Selectors:
Boya Sahadeo (Chairman), Robert  Mahabir, Rajendra Ramadhin, David Williams, Randy Ramjit

National Under-15 Selectors:
Bhim Saugh (Chairman), John Pollard, David William, Glen Dwarika, Anil Balliram

Tobago Affairs:,
Azim Bassarath (Chairman), Kumar Rampath (secretary), Arjoon Ramlal, Suruj Ragoonath, Ann Browne-John, Richard Ramkissoon, TCA Rep, THA Rep

Justice Prakash Moosai (Chairman), Norris Ferguson, Ammar Samaroo, Samuel Saunders, Ellis Lewis, Clyde Sant, Rennie Gosine

Ellis Lewis (Chairman), Chatram Ramdhanie (secretary), Sandra  Furlonge, Naidoo Powdhar, Dinanath Ramnarine, Andrew Lucky,  Paul Clarke