T&TEC deactivates flood hotline numbers

Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 12:15

T&TEC is advising that its two additional hotline numbers, 794-7264 and 794-4823, which were added to its call center last Saturday to facilitate a higher call volume after prolonged rain and floods, will be deactivated today.

It is reminding customers that the regular 24/7 emergency numbers, 800 BULB (2853) and 800 TTEC (8832) and the mobile app remain active.

T&TEC says it completed its restoration efforts overnight, energising the final group of meters in Greenvale, La Horquetta.

It says the majority of residents have full use of the supply, but use is limited in other cases, as the Housing Development Corporation and Electrical Inspectorate Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities are overseeing the cleaning and testing of connections in each home to ensure their safety.