T&TEC GM: Power fully restored

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 12:00

Roughly 22 per cent of the country was affected by the major power outages last night.

Around 9 pm on Tuesday, several parts of central and south Trinidad experienced a blackout. 

However, electricity was restored in affected areas, just after 10 pm.

General Manager at the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC), Kelvin Ramsook, explains that the source of the problem was with one of their independent power producers, Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU), which had an issue with one of its generators in La Brea.

That situation led to a series of automatic shutdowns on the T&TEC network.

“We have a system control centre operating 24 hours, so the control engineers immediately go into action once these things happen. In addition,” he explains, “the system is monitored continuously, 24 hours 365.”

He adds: “Sometimes you have situations that result in machine shut-downs, but the system is so designed to cater for it. The moment it happens,” he says, “we quickly make arrangements to bring on other machines from other power stations. Basically, the system is designed to automatically shed load once those things happen.”

The T&TEC general manager says he is pleased they were able to restore power to all affected customers, in less than an hour.

Mr Ramsook told us there are no reports yet that there was any damage done to the TGU plant which went down last night.


Story by NEWS DESK