T&TEC: Nothing to suggest substation fire was started by anything 'unusual'

T&TEC has said that an early morning fire at T&TEC’s Savonetta Substation is being investigated.

It says all residential customers were restored by approximately 11:30 a.m and that industrial customers were back on supply as at 12:30 p.m., with the exception of one industrial customer which is conducting  internal checks before they pick up the available T&TEC supply.

T&TEC said the substation structure is intact and that at this point there is nothing to suggest that anything unusual may have led to the fire. 

Initial reports are that at around 7:30 a.m. a fire broke out on one of the Commission's two transformers at its Savonetta, Pt Lisas, Substation.

This substation supplies electricity to some industrial customers on the Pt Lisas estate as well as residential customers in Phoenix Park, Cedar Hills and environs.

The fire affected the transformer and ancillary equipment but was quickly extinguished by the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services.

The substation was not occupied at the time. 

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