T&TEC: Online charger warning not from us, but...

The Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) says it is aware of a message circulating on social media purporting to contain a warning issued by the commission regarding cell phone chargers.

The message circulating online states, "T&TEC has issued a warning to homeowners that they must not leave cell phone chargers plugged in when the phone is not charging they have identified 3 house fires recently where the houses were burnt flat to the ground with the people losing all their belongins 1 in Tobago 2 in T'dad T&Tec says that the wires in chargers get loose due to frequent use when the chargers stay plugged in if there is electricity fluctuations the chargers can overheat in the socket cause sparking and then fire Take note and inform all other occupants of the household."

T&TEC says it has not issued any notices regarding house fires or overheated cell phone chargers being the cause of any such fire.

It says, however, that members of the public are reminded to periodically check wires and plugs on all electrical appliances, as loose, old or frayed electrical wires can lead to fire.

T&TEC advises that consumers should also note that any charging device that is not in use, but left plugged in, still uses electricity and it would be prudent to unplug them to conserve electricity, thereby reducing your electricity bill and saving natural gas.


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