TTMA commends Commissioner

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) is commending Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith on the progress made in policing across the country since his appointment in August of this year. 

The TTMA says it notes "the many positive outcomes of the operations, which Commissioner Griffith has spearheaded within recent times, inclusive of major drug busts and apprehension of kidnappers". 

"We believe that the signal which is being sent to the criminals in our society is that it is no longer business as usual as it appears that Commissioner Griffith has engaged his mandate without fear and or favour," the TTMA said.

It added: "The TTMA supports the Commissioner in his crime-fighting endeavours and stands ready to work with him as required in any capacity. The swift action of Commissioner Griffith and his teams serve to rebuild confidence in the police service as we all work together toward a safer Trinidad and Tobago. As the Christmas season is upon us, the manufacturing sector is doing all it possibly can to ensure that goods are made readily available on the shelves of the various retail outlets in the country, thereby facilitating the customers’ Christmas consumption needs. Manufacturing during these times, to meet the season’s demand, requires late working hours on the part of workers of the various manufacturing companies. Safety of employees is a priority of the manufacturing sector and actions such as those recently under-taken by Commissioner Griffith assist in restoring the feeling of safety on our country’s roads and communities.  Simultaneously, these actions have  served to unify citizens in opposition to crime, which has aided to build patriotism within citizens who can begin to boast that we are proudly T&T once again."

TTMA President Christopher Alcazar added: "While it is not business as usual for any of us as we struggle with competitiveness both regionally and globally, Trinidad and Tobago can and should be the leading economy in the CARICOM and wider region and we must collectively work together to resolve all matters that are curtailing this possibility, be it ease of doing business, port challenges, IR issues and Crime.” He further added that “the appointment of a Police Commissioner who is leading from the front, fighting against crime, sends a positive signal toward managing the crime challenge thereby restoring faith and confidence in those who are tasked with serving and protecting the citizens of our country”.  

The TTMA says it looks forward to the continued "exemplary work" by the Commissioner of Police and the Police Service as they seek to lead Trinidad and Tobago along the right path to significantly reducing all illegal activities that may exist in the country. 

Alcazar notes that the justice system must be equally as swift in its efforts so that the backlog in the system is alleviated and the criminals are ultimately held accountable for their actions.


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