TTMA not supporting T&T's position at OAS towards Dominica

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) says it does not support the statement made by Trinidad and Tobago’s permanent representative to the OAS on March 23 to Dominica's First Secretary Judith Anne Rolle’s request for a two (2) year waiver of its fees to the OAS.

At the meeting, contrary to the position of all other nations' representatives, a deferral was recommended by our country's representative rather than the requested waiver.

The TTMA says that its membership, along with that of various other Chambers of Commerce, provided several containers of relief items during the period October to November 2017; and this relief effort continues up to today by its members and other NGOs of T&T.

"Our actions to support Dominica, and other countries, during the hurricane relief effort, does not dovetail with the direction of seeking a deferral as opposed to waiver as per request by Dominica. Further, the TTMA's members are at this time, engaging in discussions with respect to rebuilding efforts in some of these islands, including Dominica. This outpouring of support helped to forge a very strong relationship among our islands, one on which we hope to build through a sustained rebuild effort, the foundation of which is already being laid," the TTMA statement said.

The TTMA says is asking those in authority to consider our CARICOM neighbours during their time of need and be mindful that statements such as the one made recently at the OAS meeting last week, can negatively impact and derail goodwill between Trinidad and Tobago and neighboring states.


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