TTMA wishes Gary Griffith success in all his undertakings

The President of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA)  Mr Christopher Alcazar is welcoming the appointment of Gary Griffith to the position of police commissioner.

In a press release today Alcazar says “Crime has affected all persons in Trinidad and Tobago, the manufacturing sector included.

Companies have had no other choice but to spend more money on security and in some instances, companies are forced to cut back on productivity by ceasing 24-hour production due to the safety of its employees – both measures which reduce productivity, competitiveness and affect the price of goods when they make their way to the consumer".

Alcazar also hopes the appointment of the Commissioner of Police is one step in the plan of the government to alleviate this urgent problem which affects both businesses and citizens alike.

The TTMA also commended the outgoing Acting CoP Stephen Williams on his time spent in the position. 

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