TTPBA: Police must explain their handling of TV Jaagriti issue

The Trinidad & Tobago Publishers & Broadcasters Association (TTPBA) says it's disturbed by the manner in which the police handled their visit to TV Jaagriti and is calling on Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to give an explanation.

The TTPBA says that it has seen the letter from the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) which was sent to TV Jaagriti and notes that it is the standard warning letter which points to Clause D9 of the broadcast concession.

"Members of the TTPBA have received similar letters in the past and this is normal procedure by TATT," the statement by the TTPBA says.

It adds: "When a broadcaster receives such a letter, it is up to the broadcaster to take necessary steps to ensure there is not a repeat violation. The TTPBA is disturbed by the manner in which the police handled their visit to TV Jaagriti. We find this peculiar and very concerning. We call on the TTPS and the Commissioner of Police to give a proper explanation to the public of what transpired and on what grounds was a search warrant issued, so that we can understand why this was a police matter and not an issue to be dealt with solely by TATT."

The TTPBA says it looks forward to the assistance of the TTPS and the Commissioner of Police in providing clarity to the general public and the media on the series of events and the police involvement, so that we can be assured that Freedom of the Press is not being threatened.

It says that Central Broadcasting Services, which runs TV Jaagriti, is not a member of the TTPBA but says the matter is of industry concern.

The TTPBA reiterates its mission: “We have a responsibility to protect and preserve the right of the people to know.”

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