TTPS clarifies Newsday headline - No "cop" involved in kidnapping

Police are seeking to clarify an article in the Newsday newspaper, stating “University worker attacked by ‘cop’, ‘soldier’.

In a statement issued Thursday, the TTPS said the headline suggests that a police officer was involved.

The following is the statement issued by the TTPS on Thursday:

"The Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith wishes to clarify the inaccurate headline of an article in today’s Newsday newspaper, where it states that the University employee who was kidnapped was attacked by a ‘cop’.

The wording of the headline titled “University worker attacked by ‘cop’, ‘soldier’ is in total contrast to the facts regarding this case.

This practice could be at times misleading, as if people do not read the article, they could receive the headline as fact.

The Newsday newspaper’s headline gives the impression that members of law enforcement were involved in the crime.

In fact, the two men arrested last night for the crime; one dressed in a police jacket and the other in camouflage gear, are NOT members of the Police Service or the Defence Force.

In contrast to the headline, police officers selflessly put their lives on the line to engage in an intense search and rescue operation for hours yesterday.

This resulted in the successful extraction of the kidnap victim last night.

At this time, the suspects are in police custody as enquiries are continuing."

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