TTPS: Seven arrested under Anti-Gang laws

The Police Service says it has arrested and charged a total of seven persons under the Anti-Gang Legislation between October 2018 and now.

A statement issued by the Police Service today says that the arrests included a known gang leader who was charged by the Organized Crime and Intelligence Unit (OCIU).

The Anti-Gang Act of 2018 seeks to discourage membership of criminal gangs and suppress gang activity.

Act 1 of 2018, Section (6) (1) characterizes gang membership as: 

(a) a person who is a gang leader;

(b) a gang member;

(c) someone who performs an act as a condition for membership in a gang;

(d) professes to be a gang leader or a gang member in order to i. gain a benefit for himself or another person; ii. intimidate other persons or; iii. Promote a gang commits an offence.

A person who commits an offence by being a gang leader is liable on conviction on indictment to twenty-five years in prison.

A person who commits an offence under subsection (1) (b), (c) or (d) is liable in the case of a first offence, on summary conviction to imprisonment for ten years and in case of subsequent offence, on conviction to imprisonment of twenty years.

The Police service says that as recent as January 21st, 2019, four suspects from a known gang located in the Five Rivers, Arouca area, were arrested and charged for offences under the Anti-Gang Act of 2018.