TUCO congratulates Olatunji

The Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) is congratulating Olatunji Yearwood on his recent performance as a contestant in the widely acclaimed “X Factor” talent show in the United Kingdom.

"For us at TUCO, Olatunji has been a success story since he captured the “Groovy Soca” Title in 2015 at the International Soca Monarch Competition with the song “Ola”. His success in that international competition marked the note of transition for a young artiste from the National Junior Calypso experience to adulthood," TUCO said in a statement issued Tuesday.

TUCO said it has taken note of his moves, not only on stage, but from the youth competitions arena, to frontline singer with then Roy Cape and the All Stars and other bands.

It said it has observed his preference for musical productions which can be easily distinguished in the midst of the usual Carnival offerings, which tend to sound the same.

"Thus the song track “Bodyline” could easily stand out in any menu of music on the world stage. The same could be said for tracks like “Bang Bang”, “Oh Yay” and “Wining Good”. More than the music, though, Ola’s stage presence and theatrical ability brings a distinctive feel to his stage performance," TUCO said.

TUCO added: "Like so many Calypso and Soca music lovers have known for quite some time now that Olatunji Yearwood is a professional artiste. We certainly were not waiting for Simon Cowell and the other judges of “X Factor” to validate the power of Ola. We are certain Ola himself knows this."

TUCO said that what is important though, is that in spite of his relative success in the Carnival diaspora, Olatunji saw it fit to secure new paths forward on his journey to promote the music he has dedicated his life to – Calypso and Soca from the Caribbean “Trinidad and Tobago to be exact”.

It says that in doing so, he would have gambled with the gloss and the integrity of his personal and professional reputation.

"He was steadfast and strong and he stared into the lights of the world and stated his mission. Indeed we are truly proud of his performance and his achievement is way beyond “X Factor”. May his success redound to a greater recognition of his artistic worth and open the gates for other young entertainers in Calypso and Soca who may be as ambitions and adventurous," TUCO said.

TUCO notes that the United Kingdom and Europe will continue to present great opportunities for our entertainers in talent shows, music trade shows, clubs and music festivals.

It said that from the Edinburg Festival to Womex, from the “X Factor” to MIDEM, the possibilities are endless.

"But they are all beyond the Carnival boundary and located in relatively new cultural territory and our home grown stars have to be ready to make that sacrifice to make their own statement in the world of music," TUCO added.

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