Two arrested during anti-crime exercise

Two persons were arrested and a firearm and quantities of ammunition and marijuana seized, by officers of the North Eastern Division Task Force, during an anti-crime exercise conducted in the El Socorro yesterday. 

During the exercise conducted between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, on March 28th  the officers had cause to arrest a 27-year-old man of New Lane, El Socorro, for possessing a pistol, 13 rounds of ammunition and 465 grammes of marijuana.

 Officers also held a 16-year-old suspect of the district, for possession of 64 grammes of marijuana during the same exercise.

Officers subsequently proceeded to Oudan Trace, where a search was conducted at a vacant basketball court.

 There, they discovered one kilogramme of marijuana.

The estimated total street value of the drug seized is $15,200.


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