Two charged with gun possession, dangerous driving

Two men who were charged with possession of a firearm, resisting arrest and dangerous driving, are expected to appear before the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court today, to answer to the charges.

Marlon Lynch, a 38-year-old of Golconda, and Nicholas Barclay, a 30-year-old of La Romaine, were arrested by Southern Division Task Force (SDTF) officers following a high speed chase from Pond Street to the Southern Main Road, La Romaine, on Monday 1st October, 2018.

Officers attached to the (SDTF) were on mobile patrol around 2:30am along Pond Street, La Romaine, when they observed a parked blue Nissan Almera motor vehicle.

As officers approached, the vehicle who had two occupants sped off. The officers gave chase, and the driver of the vehicle began driving in a reckless manner onto the Southern Main Road, where they eventually crashed into a fence along the roadway.

Both suspects then attempted to escape on foot, but were quickly apprehended by officers.

A search was conducted of the vehicle resulting in officers discovering one Arminius HW revolver loaded with six rounds of .38mm ammunition.

Lynch and Barclay were arrested and charged by PC Shivnarine Lange, of the (SDTF), on the same date of the incident.


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