Two hurt in highway accident

Two people escaped death when a vehicle they were in crashed into the back of an AD wagon and ran off the road along the Churchhill Roosevelt Highway on Monday evening. 

Robert Eric Doe of Edinburg, Chaguanas is warded at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. 

He suffered injuries to his head. 

Police believe Doe could have endured a medical problem which caused him to lose control of his van. 

The driver of the AD wagon Alton Micheal Felix of Mount Hope walked away from the crash without injuries. 

Police said Doe was driving on the right lane when he suddenly came over on the left lane. 

He then crashed into the back of the wagon and then hit into an electricity pole, knocking it over. 

His ex-wife Stella Doe said his injuries were serious. 

- by Radica De Silva. Photo by Kristian De Silva.

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