Two police officers charged with stealing $21 from arrested man

Two police constables accused of stealing $21 from a man after they arrested him for marijuana possession are expected to appear in court this morning.

The incident reportedly occurred on Monday, shortly after they arrested the man near his home in west Trinidad for possession of a small quantity of marijuana.

Before processing the man and placing him in a holding cell at the police station where they are assigned, the officers removed the money from his pocket.

After his court appearance on Tuesday, the man realised the money was not with his other personal items that were seized and returned. He reported the incident to detectives of the Professional Standards Bureau.

The officers were detained on Wednesday after investigators obtained CCTV footage from the station which appeared to corroborate the man’s claim. They were then made to participate in an identification parade at the Portof- Spain CID, where one of them was positively identified by the man.

Investigators visited the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) yesterday and were instructed to charge both officers for misbehaviour in public office.


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