UK downgrades TT terror threat in latest travel advisory

The United Kingdom has downgraded its terror threat advisory for Trinidad and Tobago.

The previous advisory stated terror attacks were “very likely” to occur.

However, the UK Government’s website now states terrorists are ‘likely’ to try to carry out attacks in Trinidad & Tobago.

It maintains that while there have been “no recent attacks in Trinidad and Tobago, more than 100 Trinidad and Tobago nationals have travelled to Syria and Iraq.”


In a press release issued today, the Ministry of National Security said the UK informed the National Security Minister Stuart Young that this downgrade was a direct result of the hard work that this country has done in the area of countering terrorism, including, but not limited to the setting up of “Team Nightingale”.

The UK notes in its advisory that most tourist visits have been trouble-free in the recent past.

The UK also attributed this positive development to sustained collaboration with the Government.

In November 2017, the Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding on security cooperation with the United Kingdom which included strengthening our bilateral efforts on countering terrorism in all its forms.

The press release further stated that this was a “welcomed endorsement by the United Kingdom,” and the government looks forward to a continued bilateral relationship towards the safety and security of citizens, residents and visitors.

Reporter: Khamal Georges

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