Unborn baby placed next to murdered teen in coffin

The unborn baby of teenager Danielle Yearwood who was murdered in Wallerfield earlier this week, was placed next to her in the same coffin as the two were laid to rest today.

Yearwood and Ricardo Daloo were shot dead while in a car in Wallerfield on Monday.

Yearwood, 19, was nine months pregnant and was due to deliver her baby soon.

At today's funeral service, which took place at the Armstrong Funeral Home in Arima, the unborn baby, which was removed from the woman's stomach, laid next to her.

A photo of the two dressed in white lying in the coffin has been circulating online.

Yearwood is also dressed in a blue sash with the words "Mummy", which she was wearing in a photo taken with Daloo before they were murdered.

However, CNC3 has taken a decision not to republish the photo, out of respect to the family and avoid emotional distress to others.

Investigations into the murders are continuing.




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