UNC chairman calls Vasant Bharath's comments absurd

Monday, November 6, 2017 - 08:45

UNC chairman David Lee is calling statements made by Vasant Bharath absurd.

During an interview, Mr. Bharath said the UNC could not win a General Elections if it was called now.

The following is the full press release from the UNC chairman:

“I take issue with statements attributed to Mr. Bharath, in which he made the absurd claim that the UNC would not win a General Election if it were called now,” Dr. Lee said. 

“This, coming from a person who has not been active in any of the party’s arms, committees, and has not participated in any activities since his resounding defeat in the 2015 Leadership election.”

“Mr. Bharath therefore is not acquainted with the party’s activities over the past two years, and is in no position to comment on our state of readiness for a poll,” the UNC Chairman noted.

“Under the leadership of Kamla Persad-Bissessar, the United National Congress has been, and continues to develop its policy proposals, vision and plan to take Trinidad and Tobago out of the crisis created by the current Rowley-led Government,” Dr. Lee stated.  

“We remain focused on our goals and objectives, and will not be distracted by any persons attempting to speak on matters of which they have no knowledge, and who do not have the best interests of the UNC at heart.”

“As stated by our Political Leader, the UNC team is ready to continue the work we started, and serve the people of Trinidad and Tobago,” the UNC Chairman concluded.  “All persons interested in building a better nation are invited to join with us as we move to return good governance to our country.