UNC: 'Oreo' outrage is a distraction from real issues

The UNC Women's Arm says the PNM Women's Arm is trying to distract the country away from real issues, by raising the matter of Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar's reference of the prime minister as an "Orea".

The UNC Women's Arm says there are many other issues that the PNM needs to address, as it issued a statement on Tuesday.

"The UNC National Women’s Arm notes with displeasure and disappointment the desperate attempt by the PNM Women’s League to distract from the various issues currently plaguing our country and are of utmost importance to be addressed by creating an outcry over the use of the word “Oreo” as a racist remark towards the Prime Minister.

The PNM Women’s League have failed to acknowledge the rampant increase of domestic violence cases, women continue to go missing daily in this country and most importantly the upcoming shutdown of the Petrotrin Refinery which will have a ripple effect over this nation as employees join the ever-increasing breadline and due to this we are expected to see an increase in domestic violence cases, suicides and depression in our society.

The UNC National Women’s Arm will not allow these issues to be swept under the carpet since every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago will be affected and we call on the PNM Women’s League and the Government to redirect their focus on addressing the many questions surrounding the impending shutdown of the Petrotrin Refinery, the ongoing fiasco of the ferry service, the increase of crimes against women, the displacement of families that will be affected by the Curepe Interchange and the many other real issues that are affecting the citizens!

The UNC continues to focus on the wellbeing of every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago as we await the Budget and we once more call on those in authority to place the people first and do not engage in distractions and deflections to conceal the incompetence of this PNM Government!!!"

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