UNC PRO: Robinson-Regis should stick to national affairs

The United National Congress is telling Lady Vice-President of the PNM, Camille Robinson-Regis to stick to national affairs after Robinson-Regis called on the people of Guyana to reject the Opposition Leader's recent address to them.

The UNC says the press release by Robinson-Regis was in poor taste.

The following is the response by the UNC.

"The comments by the PNM Lady Vice Chair Camille Robinson Regis in a press release/ open letter to the Guyanese public, today were in poor taste and ill-timed. 

This according to UNC PRO Anita Haynes.

The Minister took the opportunity to carry her petty PNM politics to a regional level by addressing the Guyanese population.

Unfortunately, Mrs Robinson Regis failed to realize that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are still waiting to hear from her Government after yesterday's gunfight on the Beetham Highway.

Commuters lived through a terrifying ordeal, while her Government remained silent.

The people of Trinidad and Tobago also await a statement on the planned retrenchment of TSTT workers and the details on how they arrived at a decision to close Petrotrin and put thousands on the breadline.

Given that the Lady Vice Chair felt comfortable to write on matters of Foreign Affairs, outside of her remit, we hope that statements on pressing issues of national importance would be forthcoming."

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