UNC unequivocally denies Cambridge Analytica connections

Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 10:45

The United National Congress will be exploring its legal options, as part of its response to government’s proposed criminal probe into the party’s alleged connection with Cambridge Analytica.

Confirmation has come from UNC Public Relations Officer, Senator Anita Haynes, who states unequivocally, there is no connection between the party and the political consulting firm.

According to Senator Haynes, once again, the PNM is spreading misinformation, just like they did back in 2015 with Emailgate.

“When we talk about pursuing legal action, it is really to say this kind of thing cannot continue. We’ve seen it time and time again from the PNM where they will come with a story,” the UNC PRO points out. “If we continue to do these things, we cannot talk about the issues of governance; we cannot run campaigns on policy. Therefore,” she says, “if we have to pursue legal action to stop them from doing this kind of nonsense, then we’ll have to do that.”

The opposition senator describes government’s proposed criminal probe as a political witch hunt, and says they're examining their legal options.

She also denies the existence of the minutes of a UNC strategy meeting, to which National Security Minister Stuart Young referred during his news conference yesterday.

According to the UNC PRO, Minister Young’s logic is extremely flawed, since the UNC lost the election back in 2015.

And she’s turned things back on the PNM, hinting that they could be involved in voter manipulation and voter suppression.

“Saddam Hosein in the senate, during the budget debate, raised what was going on in the URP, which is the PNM taking their party groups and using them to influence URP persons to get votes,” she claims. “On social media right now, you have a person who was working for CEPEP and lost her job, because she did not attend a political rally of the ruling party. Those things are very clear examples of voter manipulation.”

She adds: “They should really investigate those things, and stop telling us there is a bogey man on the internet.”

Senator Haynes told us that the UNC strategy is to run a strong ground campaign—literally knocking on doors and meeting and engaging in policy discussions with each and every single voter they can—in order to win the 2020 General Election.

She says a grave disservice will be done to the electorate if this issue dominates discussion on the hustings for the local government poll, as well as for next year's general elections.


Story by NEWS DESK