UNC wants Minister Dillon dismissed over alleged racial firings at SSA

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 - 20:00

The United National Congress is calling for the dismissal of National Security Minister Brigadier Edmund Dillon, as it alleges that racial profiling is taking place at the Strategic Services Agency.

The UNC issued this statement on the matter:

"The United National Congress condemns what appears to be the racist conspiracy led by the Minister of National Security under whose jurisdiction the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) falls. His belated attempt to disassociate and distance himself from this campaign of racial victimization rings hollow in the face of his inaction and proclaimed ignorance of the mass firing of officers of East Indian decent from the agency.

Thus far, the persons fired comprise five distinguished officers of Indian origin (Bisnath Maharaj, Keron Ganpat, Seukeran Singh, Nyron Dookeran, Doolam Rekha) and two senior level officers of African decent (Carlton Dennie and Alanzo Flemming). Messers Dennie and Flemming have publicly stated that they were asked to participate in a secret plan that would target, victimize and dismiss Indians from the agency.

These gentlemen have served with distinction under successive governments without any problems. It is therefore distressing and disturbing that after over thirty (30) years of service they were suddenly terminated, after they refused to support and participate in this illegal conspiracy driven by a racist agenda.

The political history of the PNM with respect to race relations has been one of victimization, discrimination and oppression. The Law Reports are littered with judgments where the Courts have pronounced on this issue and found PNM-led administrations guilty of the worse type of discrimination. Examples include the Maha Sabha radio license case, Feroza Ramjohn, Marlene Coudray, Devant Maharaj and Khemraj Bissessar.

There has also been a noticeable lack of diversity in the appointment of State boards and other public offices since this administration assumed office. We wish to alert the public to this reversal of the gains made in this area under the leadership of the People’s Partnership. What is emerging is a sorry and dangerous picture of creeping racial discrimination which has the potential to undermine and destabilise the harmony and peace that we have all worked so hard to achieve in our beautiful cosmopolitan society.

When serious allegations were made against Ministers during the tenure of the PP administration, the PNM opposition took the position that the Minister must be removed while the allegations are investigated and his name is cleared.

We therefore call upon the Prime Minister to launce an immediate investigation into this most serious claim about a racial conspiracy to fire Indian officers at the SSA and anyone who does not participate in and support such a wicked plan.

This is not an empty an baseless allegation such as “Emailgate” but rather, a substantiated claim based on letters signed by Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon dismissing Indian officers on the basis that he has “lost confidence” in them.

It is indeed curious (if not highly suspicious), that Minister Dillon, by sheer coincidence, appears to have lost confidence in primarily Indian Officers and those who object to this alleged racist plan. We note that Minister Dillon did not give any further reason or explanation as to why he suddenly lost confidence in the large majority of Inidan officers at the SSA and it therefore begs the question whether this loss of confidence was motivated solely by racial considerations.

The UNC therefore calls upon Prime Minister Keith Rowley to remove Minister Edmund Dillon from office and lunch an immediate investigation into these claims of a racist conspiracy and agenda targeting Indian officers at the SSA.

In this regard, Minister Dillon’s abysmal failure as National Security Minister in light of the terrifying crime crisis, provides ample justification for such a move.

Unlike the SSA Officers, at least Minister Dillon would know why he was fired."

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